Agile UX Prototyping Solution

To support automotive UX development teams in the fast creation of conclusive rapid prototypes for HMI concepts, Pilotfish has developed the Car HMI Canvas. A modular UX prototyping tool based on freely combinable hardware and software elements with integrated eye tracking and gesture control, the Car HMI Canvas helps to significantly reduce HMI development time and costs.

We follow a lean process with repeated Build-Measure-Learn loops. Using the Car HMI Canvas in UX development not only allows us to meet the need for speed in the testing phase but also to deal with the growing complexity of user expectations.

Based on a modular design and dedicated software, the Car HMI Canvas consists of a cockpit with freely positionable screens and input elements that can be arranged to test and validate a multitude of HMI setups for different car types – without any coding.

Each car brand is distinct and caters to its own carefully researched groups of users. With the Car HMI Canvas, Pilotfish has developed a tool to support both car OEMs as well as Tier 1 suppliers based on their very individual sets of requirements. In the light of an automotive landscape submitted to fundamental change as digitalisation moves forward, we want to help you develop the best possible solutions for your brand and customers. Check out the integrated eye tracking and gesture control and get in touch with us to discuss how the Car HMI Canvas can best work for you to thrive in the mobility market of tomorrow.


Modular system, plug & play

Suitable for different vehicle types

Made for agile user testing

No coding needed on the client side

Integrated eye tracking & gesture control

Expandable to the latest input technologies

Time- and cost-saving

Confidentiality and reliability are at the heart of everything

we do for our clients – and of everything we will do for you.

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